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Master Resell Rights, Resell Rights, Giveaway Rights, Private Label Rights, Software, Graphics. We have everything the Internet Marketer and Niche Marketer requires to grow their online business, from Social Media courses to How to Meditate, we have products you can study, and sell for 100% profit. Almost all our products come with Reseller Kits to make your life easier and save you hundreds of dollars. Website Kits including Graphics, salespages, squeeze pages, articles and more are included with most resell products.

With any membership level, you have access to multiple products, eBook Training, Video Tutorials, Graphics and Software to grow your business. How many courses have you bought for $7, $17, $27, $47, $97 and $197. You get one product, or pay more to get the upsells. At 1st you can become the guru as you have access to multiple products which you can study and resell.

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With all respect, there are some brilliant internet marketers and gurus out there who sell wonderful products with or without upsells, and I have high regard for many of the top guns, but….

We don’t do that here. We operate by WYSIWYG. That’s right, What you see is what you get at 1stBookStop,  just one membership price, and all memberships are equal in content. No upsells, just pure content for you to choose, download and use. And not one product, but multiple courses you can learn from, or sell and make 100% profits.

The products here are created for you to sell so you do not have to create your own, alternatively, check under product creation category and learn to develop your own product.

Well, at, you get great value products you can study for your own advancement, then  resell or giveaway depending on the accompanying license. And we do not upsell, All membership levels are equal and you have access to not one product, but over 100 products in many niches. Perfect for internet marketers and niche marketers. 

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We have multiple products in each category to answer your needs, from facebook marketing to how to play golf. Everything the Internet Marketer needs to know about building and successfully marketing a niche business online, and the best part is you do not have to create the product with Master Resell Rights, everything is done for you!

Study these products and become the Guru Yourself. You can create your own products with the information and knowledge you will receive from our downloadable eBooks and video courses available to members.

Have you ever wondered how the internet gurus and  successful serial bloggers you buy courses and products from become so successful at what they do? Well once you join this site and begin absorbing the information you get to download from the ebooks and video courses, all included in your low membership price, you too will become a master of the internet and “How to” in any niche you choose.

Or maybe you just need extra content for your blog or online business, extra ideas, bonuses to give away or ebooks to sell. Do you need quality graphics or website themes? All inclusive in your membership price.


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Almost all eBooks come with reseller website kits ready to upload to your web host and start marketing. This saves you time and a lot of money per product.

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And you do not get just one product, we have currently 90 products with more being added every day. Just click on the categories or products tab in the menu and view our quality products

We source mostly new content in many categories  for todays market. We are a new membership reseller site so you wont be sorting through 1000s of old out-dated products, just a quality selection of fresh premium products you can resell to your list or create a niche site and sell over and over again. All the resell eBooks come with website kits with excellent graphics, sales pages, thankyou pages and many graphics. New eBooks and specialty products are added every week. You can simply download and resell them over and over as many times as you can and keep 100% of the profits

We are more than just a product download membership, we have resources, links and information for online marketers and will be adding a forum for members soon.

Dirt cheap at just $9.27 per month. Actually, that is cheaper than dirt! I am making this low priced monthly membership offer as an introduction to this great new digital downloads resell products membership website. Lets face it, nobody likes spending money unless they are getting value, and I promise you, you are getting value. I also want you to hang out here with me and the other members, a kind of support group with the soon to be opened forum., where each member can share his or her ideas and help each other out.

  Imagine being able to download eBooks in many niches to resell or add value to your website, blog or niche online business in numerous ways. Imagine sharing ideas and helpful hints from like-minded members in the forum. Imagine having a selection of ebook downloads free to download any time in any niche. Imagine having a resources page to answer your questions where you can download free tools to help you create the products and websites you desire. Imagine new templates, plugins, software, graphics, master resell, resell, plr, giveaways and more to help you on your path to internet success.   Most of these products have master resell or resell rights, and they resell for nothing less than $7, with the average resale price of $17 and $27. And these products, usually eBooks, come with complete website niche kits to promote the product. You only have to know how to upload the files to your host, and use a few free tools to change some of the text, add your paypal button, and start marketing. If you are new to internet marketing, you have the best resource to teach you right here. Every book or product you download to resell you can read and learn from yourself, it is addictive, and you will learn so much, you will become an internet master.  


How about $97 for the year? This equates to just $8.08 per month! This is cheaper than what most of the products resell for and is also cheaper than the cost of each product! If you have bought resell ebooks and products already, you will agree. A lot of work, effort and talent goes into creating each eBook, let alone the reseller kits that come with them. And imagine the valuable information you will gain from the products you download and information I post on the site for members!

Why buy one product or ebook course for $7 or $47 when you can pay just $48.50 to access  over 90 products you can download and use, or resell for profit. Or you can giveaway certain products to build your list!

More products are added each day, and you will not find old outdated and useless products on this site, just relevant quality downloads for todays’ market.


Limited Time Offer, as I continue to add products, information and value, the price will go up, so lock in your price now while the going is good

You have 3 Membership Options

1. Just $9.27 per month, recurring until cancelled ( Low Introductory Offer )

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I cannot reduce these prices as some product licenses will not allow me. So I am offering YOU a rock bottom deal.

And you get the November 2013 released Video Knockout Course for your personal use!

  I am not new to the internet, but this website is, and I intend to make it great! New products are added consistently, and members will be advised by email of great new additions. Great products like the 100 eBook package I just purchased from one of the internets top marketers. There will be a special category for those eBooks with Master Resell Rights, all yours free to download once you become a member.   I will be honest, I do not have hundreds, nor even thousands of products, and I do not want to, because I would have to load the site up with old out-dated stock just to satisfy charging a higher price, Some older stock is fine and not out-dated, but it must be sorted, and I refuse to give members out-dated rubbish. In fact I will not add products that do not meet my high standards of quality information and above average if not spectacular graphics. Worried about viruses? Some products you download have viruses when they date back to 2008- 2009 and beyond, but you do not have to worry with because we scan our products for viruses before we upload them. And most of our products are 2012- 2013   So go ahead, sign up and become a member, I want you on board for the long term, and I am sure you will benefit immensely. Your monthly membership is recurring, and you can cancel at any time. All Membership has a 30 day money back guarantee! We are Paypal Verified and accept Paypal and credit cards through Paypal for your security paypal-verified  

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Free resources added each month to guide internet marketers, webhosts, bloggers and all subscribers.

Renews at $97 after 365 days unless cancelled. Lock in this Low Yearly Rate Today Due to the license requirements for some of the products we are adding, we cannot sell yearly membership for less than $97 per year or $9.27 per month, so with yearly membership this equates to just $8.08 per month. A pittance to pay in relation to the money you can make from the products and resources.
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